New Decorating Trends 2018
Written for Bicycle Bungalows

I recently came across the 2018 Ashton woods national homebuyer survey which hold approximately 1400 prospective homebuyers so identify the most prominent trends across several topics of home design ranging from customization in room layouts to pictures and finishes. The Survey determined that personalized design options relieving consideration for the majority of the buyers of selecting a builder, and the buyers existing kitchens, master bathroom, and back yards for the top spaces they wanted to upgrade. This applies to Custom Home Builder Houston Heights as well. According to the survey here’s what Shannon watch out people are wanting hardwood floors with variations of color and sizes. They want high-grade hi texture I character cabinets. They also want one finishes to bring outdoor elements in such as distressed wood. What people do not want anymore is carpet, all white cabinets, or industrial design elements.

Current trend still point to white kitchens across design chosen blogs the participant so they prefer natural wood kitchen cabinets over the all white book. Future homebuyers do one hardwood flooring and the carpet, the shower – tub combination in the master suite is being replaced with more luxury of options, such as walk-in showers without a bath tub or separate bathtub and shower. Dispense prefer rustic wood elements that ever popular farmhouse style but her last favoring of the industrial elements. When it comes to metal finishes, brush nickel continues to lead the pack. Participants preferred Transitional and rustic interior design styles followed by traditional, farmhouse, and contemporary styles. Bohemian, coastal, and Scandinavian style for least popular among the surveys participants.

Buyers are placing most of their focus on the kitchen. Nearly 75% of participants so they would prioritize luxury features in the kitchen over area other areas of the home. And despite the all white kitchen trim that is prevalent across television shows and design blogs, future buyers are moving towards a more natural wood cabinets. They identified this trend late last year and started incorporating natural wood cabinets in their models. It speaks to a shift in the all white trend, and homebuyers are loving the more natural texture and the versatility of the look. This back to surprising the Custom Home Builder Houston Heights.

Granite still is leading over marble and quartz when it comes to countertop materials with a third of the participating members making it their top choice. Classic brush nickel and stainless steel finishes for the top middle choices. Another fact which was disputed by Custom Home Builder Houston Heights. While granite and marble still Holder lied they are seeing the buyers tend to choose courts when they learn of its durability as well as the manufacture consistency benefits it has over other pricier, or natural materials. And of mixing materials continue to gain popularity of the trend, you’re starting an uptick in the request for his stork Lee less popular finishes such a satin bronze brass or bronze. They make great statement metals to complement a more neutral metal such a stainless steel or brushed nickel.

Survey also pointed out that homebuyers are making room for their pets, finding it important to have a dedicated space for their pets and their next home. This was especially strong I’m on pet owners millennial’s. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights has seen this trend of elephant. They had one client build a dedicated dog wash station. With nearly 3/4 of participants opening at least one pet, they were not surprised to see that experience reflected in the survey results. They routinely see customers asking for a dedicated space for their furry companions.

When it comes to bonus rooms, a dedicated home office decided to stay most important space, following changes and work life styles which are affecting what consumers want at home. For the participants surveyed, a third so they be willing to spend $10,000 more to add a hobby or a bonus room. In the past, bonus room said that a blank slate with homeowners get the keys to their home. Now buyers come into design Studios and know exactly what they want in each room specifically a hobby room mothers workout room, media room, game room, or home office. A Custom Home Builder Houston Heights find a family for spaces for their kids to play that it’s out of sight so toys don’t have to be frantically picked up when guests come over.

In the master bedroom, size is a major draw for homebuyers, 44% prioritizing master bedroom square footage of her features like luxury finishes. In the master bath, 73% are opting to ditch the shower/tub combination. Participants preferred having a walk-in shower and no bathtub, 37%. We’re having a separate shower and bathtub, 36%, over having a shower/bath tub combo, 27%. Her buyers are asking for the master bathroom to be a luxurious retreat. Having a separate shower and tub or standalone, oversize shower better defined as the space and get a dedicated purpose and spa like feel.

Buyer still prefer hardwood when it comes to flooring. Carpet was a polarizing choice for the survey buyers – landing in both the second favorite and least favorite spot. Survey participants identified custom built-ins and decorative ceilings of special design elements they would most like to incorporate into their next home, suggesting buyers what design features that have character in style. Homebuyers are drawn to any option that allows them to personalize a room for their taste her needs. Built-ins and decorative ceilings are two custom design options for the republic simple yet make an impressive statement and any room.

Many of these design elements of the noted by Custom Home Builder Houston Heights. There still seems to be more of a trend for shiplap walls, vaulted ceilings with shiplap exposed, rustic looking beams, and multi colored cabinets with one color for the base cabinets in another color for upper cabinets. There is also a trend toward laminated flooring tiles that look like wood but are a sense vinyl that has the color run thru the depth so if scratched, it doesn’t look white. This stuff can get wet and won’t cup, is more comfortable on the legs and more resilient. Dogs won’t scratch it as bad as wood floors.