Custom Home Builder Houston Heights | Synching great expectations part two
Written for Bicycle Bungalows

Clients lack of experience and familiarity with the process of building their first house could manifest itself in discontent down the road if they become overwhelmed by all the decision-making or wonder why custom home construction takes longer than a production built house. Reminding client early on you’re on their side during this long process is part of setting expectations. Customers are very excited at the early stages, and that’s when we tell every homebuyers that there’s going to be some moment during this process that you’ll want to wring somebody’s neck. At some point, you’re going to be frustrated, and will tell the client that you want them to remember this pre-construction moment and how good we all feel right now. You’re still dealing with the same people, whether it was a paint color that needed changing or something didn’t look the way you wanted, we all have the same goal. We’re all good people. We just want to take a step back and find the best solution. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights go through the same issues.

During preconstruction, one builder’s clients are given a 15 page manual that outlines what happens during each phase of the project and what is expected of them at each stage regarding selections and deadlines. So as not to overwhelm the client, the builder breaks up the pre-construction process into several meetings, the first being an introductory session to go over the manual. Just like studying for med school, you have to break up studying into multiple sessions because you can’t absorb everything at once. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights likes this idea.

Clients get a preview of the subject matter that will be covered at the next meeting and are provided material so they can prepare for that session, which takes place in a week or two later. Some builders require clients to have all their selections completed before the foundation is poured, but this builder believes the buyers can be overwhelmed by that approach. Instead, the builder handles selections in phases, with one group what features picked before pouring the foundation, another group finalized before framing, and another chosen by the time the drywall arrives. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights does it this way. We like to get clients time to walk their home, see how it feels, and how they are going to use it. We get good feedback that way, and people enjoy the process because they don’t feel as overwhelmed. Five years ago this builder gave customers a 20 page selection book and try to go through the whole thing. They go through it but it wouldn’t feel good about it, and they would end up getting emails a few days later because they would be second guessing their choices.

There is another builder who started a custom home building company in 2008 with a staff comprised of just himself and his business partner, both running jobs in the field and then to the office. They’re both very busy, but it set up at work because clients back to nearly sign off and documents and let the architect take care of all the details. It was the nature things because meetings are shorter much easier to navigate. Today clients are more involved. The Internet is an Easily accessible well of images and information about new home construction, architecture, and Decor. When buyers see a Pinterest post of a family room, an alcove, for a stairway they like, they demand it. Also, the number of vendors and suppliers for Tile, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets has exploded from a handful of outlets and Showrooms than existed before, to an outstanding number. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights is struggling with this. Clients now I have more opportunity to see what potentially can be in their dream home and tend to be more hands-on with the planning. Consequently another builder staffed up to meet his clients’ needs. Now they have an office manager who follows up the tracking of ordering of supplies the shipment, They have a senior project manager who is at every meeting of each of their jobs, she helps clients with all of the selections and upload everything into the software. She keeps them organized across the board. They have three or four site guys to stay on site all the time, watch the progress of the job, make sure the notes from the project manager are being implemented on the job site, and ensure they are staying on schedule.

Another upgrade they did involved implementing Co-Construct. The project management software includes a tutorial so that even clients can use it. Clients receive weekly text message reminders about approaching deadline have a schedule status. They’ll see the schedule pushed out when rain day occur and receive an alert when the tile they selected is delivered to the job site. To approve change orders, they simply sign on their smart phone screen with their finger, and the additional cost is added to the bottom line total for the project, Custom Home Builder Houston Heights uses builder trend for this.

The previous mentioned builder has done projects with 80 change orders, and with this tool they are allowed a lot of freedom, providing you the tracking and also updating the client. They used to have a daily log on the job site at the superintendent would sign and note if it was raining or when a delivery arrived. With Co-Construct, they have a lot more immediate access to bad news about rain delays and the cost of change orders, but it keeps everybody on the same page. Their clients; particularly millennials; love that they can open their phones and see exactly where they are with their finances, what payments were made, and the check number. They used to have to reconcile that stuff at the end of the job, and it would take hours. The tracking is great, and there are far fewer questions, and now they can focus on the build and the quality of the build. Custom Home Builder Houston Heights uses these features on BuilderTrend.