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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Are you in the market for custom home building Houston Heights area every answer several different contractors and construction firms, and have not got a good feeling dealing with any of them. I can tell you the home-building market can be tough to find someone were you can trust with that significant of an investment. Contractors in general usually have a negative connotation associated with them. But I’m here to tell you that bicycle bungalows are the premier home builder and remodel construction team in the Houston area. You will not find another home builder or house, remodel or that goes above and beyond to leave their customers 100% satisfied with their final construction product.

Bicycle bungalows has been bringing the Houston area custom one-of-a-kind home builds, and remodels and he is extremely grateful for the wonderful community to accept and let him have the opportunity to build his amazing homes for people since 2008. Bill, the owner and operator of bicycle bungalows got his start by renovating his own bungalow style home in 2008 after being laid off by an oil and energy company. He started slow and people started noticing his wonderful remodels and started asking him to remodeled their own homes. One thing led to the next and now he is the premier home builder and renovator in the custom home building Houston Heights area.

You will not find another builder. Because of above and beyond to deliver one-of-a-kind projects and leaves his clients extremely satisfied with their home and to enjoy for many generations ahead. Unlike many new homebuilders in the custom homebuilding Houston Heights industry, bicycle bungalows uses only the highest source material and the best laborers around in order to provide beautiful works of art. Over the past 11 years Bill has built up a loyal an extensive network of subcontractors and he is able to allocate any job that is specialty in nature and be able to pair perfectly with subcontractor. This little network has let him decrease costs for his customers and they can spend that save money on different add-ons for their home.

Bill’s journey was not like your typical home builder. He started his career right after college working on a cruise ship making seven-day cruises around Hawaii. This was well before Chris’s brief popular and mainly served newlyweds and older population. These to ride his bicycle on the afternoon said the ship is in port, and he would take extremely long rides all across the islands and looked at the different types of architecture. This is where the name bicycle bungalows gets its start and he would dream of purchasing more plans and building a house one day on the islands.

Before his home-building dream came true. He began working on it will tanker and he would work. 72 days on in 72 days off. In order to stay busy on the 72 days off coupon a two-bedroom bungalow, and spent his free time remodeling this and eventually rented out. He finally figured that he could do this as a job, and since then has been delivering the highest custom homebuilding Houston Heights has seen. The trusting when I tell you, you will not find a better builder them, bicycle bungalows, please visit their website or give them a call today at 832-786-1609.

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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Are you looking for custom homebuilding Houston Heights area? Have many options in the Houston home-building industry, but you know who you can truly trust with your huge financial investment? And even if you do trust him of their investment. How do you know they are superior homebuilders. I highly recommend looking into bicycle bungalows and reading testimonials and reviews from previous customers for extremely satisfied with their homes. Bill got his start by renovating his first home by himself and realize that there would be a market for this need here in Houston. People at stop them on the street and ask them if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at their home and being able to deliver the same high-quality service for their homes.

Bicycle bungalows is considered the best and most hands custom home building Houston Heights, and you will absolutely enjoy working with Bill it is experienced and friendly staff. Bill and his crew have massive experience in the home renovation and new built market and they can create a wide variety of different architect styles that fit your you and your family style. Bill take this time to get to know each and every client and develop a a wonderful construction plan to get your home built properly and on time and on budget. He guarantees he will be able to give your one-of-a-kind property and more always stay on budget and on time.

Have no fear when you sign up with bicycle bungalows as they are regarded as the number one custom home building HoustonHeights and they are always striving to get better and learn with each home they built or renovated. He is always saying ahead of the curve in knowing what is the next big thing to come out in the home-building industry. Is extremely dedicated to fulfilling his promises to his customers and will never lead them astray. Build strides to under promise and always over deliver. People are blown away when they see the final home renovation or build and are extremely grateful that they got the opportunity to build at the best at bicycle bungalows. You’ll absolutely not regret your decision to go with the best home builder in Houston Heights.

So stop what around on the Internet and searching for custom homebuilding Hughson Heights you found the premier builder in bicycle bungalows. When Bill started first building people with stop and remark how beautiful these homes were looking and he started providing design build projects and also building, client provided plan projects. He started out small and eventually his hard work and dedication snowballed into the massive home-building company which is now bicycle bungalows. During his early years. He joined the greater Houston’s builders Association and took massive advantage of the education grant through them. He learned a lot through national Association of homebuilders and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know other builders in the Houston area.

In the past couple years. His focus has shifted more towards custom large projects rather than spec homes and he has found that his name area building is centered around the heights in Houston and anything else outside of this zone. He would spend more time in transit and not being productive building or remodeling homes. So fortunately if you live outside this area. He will discuss with you, but he likes to keep his circle. Small in order to be more effective and efficient first customers and be there when they need him. So please get your free consultation today at or give them a call at 832-786-1609 and get started on your construction dreams.