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When we paint the inside of a house, we are finally hitting the homestretch of the project. Bicycle Bungalows, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights is there to ensure your home gets finished professionally. The devil is in the details and the home stretch is no exception. We at Bicycle Bungalows have developed a system to make the finish in your home up to the standards expected for a custom home builder Houston Heights. Take a moment and consider the end as you begin so that you will finish strong and not be too overwhelmed in the process.

Painting requires appropriate attention to preparation. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights needs to go around and check all the doors. window casings and trim and make sure all the edges have been properly sanded. When we use MDF casing, the paint will cause the edges to feel rough. Some painters will apply a wood filler on the edges, other painters will prime it heavily and then sand. The main thing is to make sure that by the time they spray the final coding on the trim everything is smooth. Most painters will apply at least a 12 inch strip of brown paper taped to the floor along the baseboard so there won’t be too much paint on the hardwoods which would require additional sanding. With the color paint is applied to the walls and ceilings, it is best to go through with a flashlight and look for shadows showing any imperfections in the sheet rock. These need to be filled and sanded before the final color is applied. After the painting is completed, we have the floor contractors come in to sand and stain the hardwood floors. At the time of the sanding, we need to have a determination of the type of final finish that will go on the floor: weather it is a water based or urethane finish because we apply one or two single coats on top of the stain. We hold off on the final coat until everybody is finished with the house.

After the floors have been sealed, Bicycle Bungalows, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights can start bringing in electricians, plumbers, the appliances, structured wiring and any other finish trades. If we have most of the fixture choices for electrical received, we will go ahead, order them and start installing those. We can also start installing the plumbing fixtures as soon as those choices are received and ordered. It’s important to have everything in hand before the plumbers arrive because they can generally knock it out in one or two days and we hate to have to call them back waiting on materials. It’s important to have a checklist of everything that is required to make the installation. Ferguson, a local plumbing supply, is good about listing and ordering all of the components required for each installation. When it comes to the appliances, the company we purchase from will generally send out somebody to walk the house and make sure all the dimensions work. For the appliance installations, custom Homebuilder Houston Heights will have had instances where there was too much space in the refrigerator cabinet and the carpenter had to make filler pieces that needed to be stained or painted before the refrigerator can installed. The vent hood installation is also generally tricky because it’s hard to tell exactly what type of structure is required to mount and insert an exhaust blower. It’s also important to make sure that the electrical is accessible outside of the enclosure where the vent hood is mounted. We have had issues with this on several jobs which creates a lot of extra work from different trades. All the appliances have installation instructions that show the dimensions required for cabinet openings, locations of electricity, locations of the gas connections, locations of drains. Again, it is very important to check all this out before calling for the appliance delivery and installation.

There are several inspections that need to happen to complete a custom home build. Bicycle Bungalows, a custom home builder Houston Heights, will line them all up as work is completed. Air conditioning inspection requires a grill seal inspection. This requires somebody to go look at the vents that penetrate the ceiling and caulk to make sure there is no gaps between the register boxes and the sheet rock in the ceiling. The city HVAC inspector will come out and verify that these are sealed. After that the grills that cover the vents can be installed by the HVAC contractor. All new systems need to have a duct blast inspection. This is where a custom homebuilder Houston Heights will hire an inspector who will come and seal all the openings with plastic paper that has adhesive on it and he will pressurize the system to determine how much leakage exists. We are allowed only very slight leakage under the new regulations and it’s very easy to fail this test. We generally charge $450 every time they come out to test, so it can get very expensive if everything is not sealed good and tight. We have the HVAC contractor come and see all the furnace and its components in the attic to make sure there is no leakage for this test. We also must make sure that there is no leakage between the registers and the sheet rock. Sometimes this is a problem with shiplap on the ceiling creating a larger gap between the register in the surface of the ceiling. After this duct blast test has been passed, we can have the HVAC final inspection. There is documentation that needs to be signed by the HVAC contractor and given to the inspector.

They will check the pulldown attic stairs to make sure they are installed properly. Apparently, an inspector had an attic door pull out on him so now they are looking at structural items during the HVAC inspection. They make sure there is proper access to service the equipment in the attic. There needs to be a walkway in the attic entry to the equipment. We make sure that all the equipment is properly strapped in, hung, and all drains are free and clear. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights They will go outside and look at the condenser and make sure that the line is properly insulated to meet new guidelines. They will make sure that there is sufficient clearance for ventilation and for service of the condensers. The inspector will also look at the condensate drain to see where it comes out whether under the sink, outside into a French drain, or into a rain barrel. The inspector will also look at ventilation for the furnace in the attic and make sure there is sufficient airflow for combustion air. Frequently the HVAC contractor will not check on these items ahead of time. And it is up to the builder to make sure that all these items are taken care of before the inspection. Bicycle Bungalows a custom builder Houston Heights is happy to take care of these details. A form is then filled out and installed inside the breaker box that explains energy code information on insultation of various ratings of HVAC equipment.

The electrical inspectors can get “pretty picky” at times depending on the inspector. They will look for ground fault interrupters at outlet locations. They will check for outlets on the island and make sure they are within reach of the countertop. If the wires are visible inside the cabinets, they will make sure that BX cable is used. The inspector will pull the cover off the breaker panel and make sure all the ground wires are properly separated. They will look outside and make sure the blind drop is anchored properly. There must be bulbs in every light fixture, every switch plate needs to be installed, and every outlet cover needs to be installed. There must be an outlet every 8 feet in every room. This is to minimize the need for extension cords which is been a source of fires in homes. The inspector will make sure that many of the wall outlets are protected by arc fault circuit interrupters. The inspector will make sure that porches have outlets, that they are in weatherproof boxes, and that they are properly sealed.

Bicycle Bungalows Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights does not have trouble with most of the plumbing inspectors for the final. That’s probably a good indicator of the quality of our plumber. It’s probably also an indicator that they are not worried about life saving for plumbing items the way they worry for the electrical systems. After the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC inspections have been passed, we will call for the structural final inspection. This inspection it’s more of a safety type of inspection. The inspector will check stair tread‘s for proper spacing, hand rails for proper height and distance and size, he will check the front porch for the necessity of a railing and make sure it is to code. If the plans show handrails for the front steps, the inspector well insist that they be installed even if they are not required. The inspector will also look for tempered glass in the right locations. The inspector will test the smoke alarms in various locations and make sure the alarm sounds at all locations when one is tested. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights There is an inspection for fill and gravel to make sure that the water will not drain under the house or drain into the neighbor’s property. The inspector may also look at sidewalks and driveways if there is a permit for them.