Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights – Selections

Written for Bicycle Bungalows

Selections are an important part of the project. There are selections which owners need to make made throughout the project. Most of the selections that are owners make are covered under allowance items. Bicycle Bungalows, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights will have a conversation with the owners prior to bidding the job and get a feel for the types of plumbing fixtures lights fans and appliances and hardware for determining the allowance. In some cases the owners seem to indicate that they want different items installed once they are in a new project. The beauty of the allowance is that Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights can lock in a contract price early on in the process without the stress of having to select everything way up front. We will apply our typical mark up to the allowance items in the bed. That markup is fixed so if the owner goes way over budget on their allowance items, they don’t have to pay extra mark up for those items. On the flipside if they don’t spend all of their money we will only charge them what they spend towards the allowance amount but the mark up total remains the same for the project. Some of the early selection items that owners will have to make will be for their tubs and showers. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights will have to install the rough in valves in the wall cavity behind the tile for bathtubs and showers. The valve will need to work with the finish plumbing fixture trim that the owners will want to utilize. Some manufacturers such as Delta valves will only have one or two rough in valves that will work with a wide variety of trim kits. This makes selection much easier. The price of the Delta valves is generally lower than Kohler valves Another early selection will be paint colors, exterior doors, any types of specialty windows, interior door styles, And lighting options.

For lighting, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights will need to know the size of recessed canned fixtures that will be utilized and locations. The most common size is 6 inch and it is also the least expensive option. In the kitchen and Butler’s pantry we need to know if undercabinet lighting will be utilized. We need to know the type of lighting such as LED lighting and whether the drivers will be installed within each fixture or if there are common drivers serving multiple lights. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights will also need to know if the light strips will have built-in electrical outlets. Many people want the electrical outlets up out of sight under the upper cabinets rather than shown in the tile backsplash. We need to know which lights will be controlled by which switches; frequently all of the undercabinet lights in the kitchen will be controlled by one switch or all of the lights along the same wall will be controlled by the same switch. Another lighting decision to be made early is any type of accent lighting such as sterile stair handrails, steps, spotlights for artwork, lighting for underneath a floating cabinet, accent lighting it up a chase at the ceiling, closet rods, accent lights within a closet. All of these items need to be planned for before sheetrock. We need these types of decisions to be made before construction begins because a lot of planning is required. Some projects will have designers provide this level of detail. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights can also do this but need to know as soon as possible what the owner would like to have. There are decisions to be made for the structured wiring or low-voltage items. All of these items need to be wired before sheet rock. Some items to consider our cameras, networking cables, coax. heat detectors which are not required by code but are a great life-saving device that we frequently will install above gas fixtures such as gas dryers furnaces in the attic water heaters gas ranges. The heat detector will measure a rate of rise increase of temperature. These are tied in to the alarm system so the fire department can be notified if these art set. We also like to have the smoke detectors tied in to the alarm system so the fire department can be notified in the event the smoke detectors go off. This is not required by code, but it’s a great house saving item because if the smoke detector goes off and nobody is home and all it does is makes a lot of noise but nobody is notified. We have seen several houses using the nest detectors which monitor smoke and CO. They can be programmed to notify the fire department. The technology is advancing very fast.

Another early decision item is the cooking appliances such as ranges, cooktop, Wall ovens, vent hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, ice makers. Each of the above items with the exception of the dishwasher can have unique requirements for placement of gas valves , Electric connections, water connection locations, drain piping, structural support within the walls. There have been a number of times where orders will change appliance types we will have to go intoThe wall cavity and reroute the gas, electric, or even water

Another plumbing fixture that needs to be determined early is the type of valve for bathtubs that may be freestanding or sink faucets that are wall-mounted. We also need to know if a pot filler will be installed above the cooktop, and if so exactly where should it be located. Sink selections also need to be made early because the cabinet maker needs to know the width, depth, whether it is apron front or drop in or under mount. The countertop fabricator needs to know exactly which syncs to utilize when installing the counter.

Other selection items that aren’t as time sensitive generally our ceiling fans, wall fixtures as long as they were in the wiring plans and are not anything abnormal, regular ceiling mounted lights, specialty switches Such as three-way switches, humidistat’s, any kind of abnormal switch except for a Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights toggle type switch.