Marketing 2019: the AI data connection by Bicycle Bungalows Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights

Written for Bicycle Bungalows

Article written by Kevin Oakley in professional builder January 2019

In the past several months, it’s become increasingly clear that there’s a new precious commodity that some builders have including a custom homebuilder Houston Heights, and others do not. It’s importance will soon perhaps this year, outweigh individual land positions and cost of goods sold. I believe the whole building companies that learn to use this resource well will dominate their competition and find new avenues to profitability. I’m talking about data; along with artificial intelligence and machine learning; as both the current opportunity and a future risk if you’re not on board.
No need to check your calendar. You’re still in the year 2019, not 2039, but this is housings new reality. The custom homebuilder Houston Heights that have the right data, keep it clean and organized, and apply a ice to it are already winning, and this is a race for you don’t want to play catch-up. I’m not prone to using hyperbole, but I believe builders that don’t begin to address this part of their business by the end of 2019 maybe too late. And if you want the benefits of AI enhanced data, you have to get your data scrubbed and ready so you can apply that machine learning quickly and effectively. Consider how the combination of data and AI is already affecting the way new home marketers do their jobs.
Today, if you have a large enough set of current customer data; names, phone numbers, and email and mailing address is; your basic CRM database; you cannot blow that information to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and countless other platforms, allowing you to create a look-alike audience using the AI systems on those platforms.
The resulting audience will be comprised of the top 1% of the population with pre-disposed interest in your communities and Homes. You no longer need to define your target market; in this scenario, your current customers do that for you, and do so far more accurately than you ever could on your own as a custom homebuilder Houston Heights.
It gets better. If you can clearly define specific actions you like your target audience to take on your website – such as spend more than two minutes on a page, visit more than three pages, or fill out a leave form – can you can program or teach the AI to monitor the target audiences actions after clicking on your ads and become better at predicting who will accomplish a desired action in the future.
This process makes every ad you deliver dramatically more efficient. In our test, we seen it reduce cost by as much as 63% per click without negatively affecting traffic quality. Beyond target audiences and their online activity more effectively, AAI is also helping marketers create the perfect ad. Late last summer, google rolled out what it calls responsive search ads. Googles AI uses data input from marketing teams about the unique features of their homes and communities and then use of machine learning to determine the best possible combination of that data, Build the perfect add, and show it to each individual user. In our experience, you can achieve both cost savings which is 80% lower per click, and improved results, 46% increase in click through rate, using this method.
The first time you and trust one of these ARI platforms with your dad I can be a bit on nerving. It’s a similar sensation to removing your hands from the steering wheel of a Tesla and letting it handle the driving for you, a custom homebuilder Houston Heights
ARI is beginning to disrupt the sales department, as well. If a sales person only has time to call a handful of people each day, which ones will be selected? Or, if you have too many leaves in your CRM, with no hope of consistently follow up on all of them individually, and why not let an AI powered follow up app such as Conversica, among others, do the work for you, the custom homebuilder Houston Heights?
This type of app use this machine learning and natural language processing to interact with each prospect as an individual. He listens and reacts as a human would, but it never needs time off or ask for a raise, and yo this type of app use this machine learning and natural language processing to interact with each prospect as an individual. It listens and reacts as a human would, but it never needs time off or ask for a raise, and It can work forever. Once prospects are ready to take the next step, the app connect them with a human cells person to complete the sale.
Each AI profile built by Conversica and it’s contemporaries is given a human name, such as Stacey or Paul, so prospects can more easily relate to it. Even though the email signature clearly states that the sender isn’t a human , customers calling the office have been known to ask for Stacey, Paul, or the person who so diligently followed up with them.
The data revolution is here now, and the biggest challenge is and how best to use the data, but how to collect and organize the data in a way that AI systems can use it. All of those filing cabinets full of paper in your office? They can’t help you as a custom homebuilder Houston Heights. Your CRM system should be a treasure trove unless you let each sales person approach it in his or her own way, which will ultimately render the data in complete, inconsistent, and therefore unreliable.
Beyond help it that is organized, you also need as much of the right data as you can get your hands on, intern enabling more precise insights and result from ARI. All of the examples mentioned here aren’t possible unless you have the data to drive him. So spend time this year working on improving your approach to data collection, digitization, and organization. This is very much like a gold rush, where those who stay on the sidelines may never be able to overtake the competitors who get too far ahead.