Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights – Choosing Your Paint

Written for Bicycle Bungalows

A big decision for your home that Bicycle Bungalows Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights requests you to make a decision on is the colors of paint on the exterior of your house. Also you’ll have to decide what colors of paint you want for the inside of your house which is a little more difficult because here you need to decide on the types of paint you want to use and generally there are more colors chosen for the inside. Common mistake that Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights sees happen over and over is that people will pick a color based off of what the color looks like on a color card at the store at least colors contrary much drastically when you get those into the house. The sunlight is a major factor on how color will change with White. You also need to see what surrounding houses look like with hair color selection so you are just a cookie-cutter more of the same of what is around. However in the Heights many people have the freedom to choose bold colors that they cannot get away with it other parts of the city. If you’re looking at Colors in a store under a fluorescent light it will look different than what it will look like with the sunshine on the exterior or on the inside with natural light where it’s near windows or if you’re going to utilize LED lighting. Lighting can drastically change with the color looks like from the store to your house.

Do you want to pick a soft color for your trim or do you want to do something more bold? Many people look at colors look they look quite at the store but when it’s up against a body color it will look totally different. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights recommends painting swatches of color on the outside in different lighting exposures than painted next to an area where you can paint the trim color and see how they complement each other. If the window sashes are going to be a third color it’s good to have all three colors next to each other to see how they work together. Many homeowners like to make the color decisions for themselves and some are quite good at it. Bicycle Bungalows, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights does not want to get in the way of a homeowners creativity.

However if there is a large degree of uncertainty we highly recommend utilizing a decorator to assist with the selection process. Frequently they will know of other houses in the neighborhood that have the colors that you were considering where you can drive by and see how it actually looks. Speaking of this option many times people will see other houses that have colors that they want and will try to mimic the combination. I’m not afraid to go knock on a door and ask the homeowner if they know what colors are on there on their house. Most people are proud of their selections and are happy to discuss it with others. Remember that copying or mimicking is a form of flattery. For interior decisions The owner needs to decide on the trim colors for baseboards, door and window trim, cabinets, crown molding’s. These are generally enamel pipe paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights has done houses where the trim color is almost the same as the wall color. It is common to do two different enamel colors in a kitchen where in Island maybe one color such as a bold color in the wall cabinets and base cabinets are a different color frequently matching the trim. Something to keep in mind is the higher the gloss of the paint, the easier it is to clean but it also shows any imperfections in the wood or material. The other end of this shininess spectrum is flat paint. Flat paint is good for hiding in perfections but shows scuffs and marks and it’s difficult to wipe off without smearing into the wall surface. Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights had a decorator specify a flat paint for the body of a home exterior and the paint looks like it was only primed but no topcoat. Fortunately this was the owners decorator so they took a hit from the owner. For interior wall paint it is preferable to use a satin or semi-gloss sheen in the kitchen, utility room, bathrooms, and mudroom. These walls frequently need to be wiped down.

The quality of the paint is very important. Paint is very expensive but so is the labor. When Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights bids a job we have the painter provide the materials and specify a high-quality paint. Having a good quality paint makes the job of the painter much easier so they do not complain about this.

To help make decisions on interior colors, Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights recommend utilizing a decorator if the homeowner is not comfortable making the decisions. We recommend looking at magazines, Houzz online for ideas, talking to friends, noting colors when you are out visiting people and seeing what they are doing with their house that you like. If you have furniture that you were going to be installing when the project is done you will need to take that into consideration and how that will affect the color selections. We try to take photos of our project and keep a record of color selections. With builder trend, we have a record of these selections under the selections tab. Please make retrieving records much easier. We also have the owner sign for their color selections to verify that this is what they want. We set up color selections for each room or any different type of location. Doing it this way will minimize mistakes and help keep the project on time.

Something else to consider for color is tile selection, countertop material selection, and wood floor coloring or stains. Also consider if exterior doors are to be painted or stained and the color of the porch ceilings. We frequently will paint the porch ceilings the sky blue color. I’ve heard that it helps keep mosquitoes at bay in Houston and prevents ghosts in Savannah