Discover why Bicycle Bungalows is the best Custom Home Builder Houston Heights has to offer.
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Bicycle Bungalows is the best custom home builder Houston heights has to offer. We use a program called builder trend to track all of our jobs. This program makes managing the construction project much easier to track. As the best custom home builder Houston heights provides, we use Builder trend because it has many functions and is somewhat similar to Microsoft Excel in that there are a lot of features that many people do not take advantage of. We are trying to utilize more and more of the features that come with the program. For example, during the sales process when we get an inquiry from a prospect, there is a feature called sales that allows us to track every conversation and document and date that goes back-and-forth with the prospect. There is also a feature in the sales function that allows us to create a bid proposal that will give a breakdown of every line item that we bid. This can be categorized in groups such as pre-construction expenses, foundation, and framing, trades Rough in, interior trim and finishers, allowances, and miscellaneous. We can enter our cost and then apply a percentage markup for each line item as applicable.

This proposal can be formatted and emailed or printed out to discuss with a prospect. Once a prospect accepts the proposal, the proposal document can be transferred into a new project and the line item bid can be entered as the new budget for the project. This makes it very easy to transition from Prospect to a new job. This is what makes Bicycle Bungalows the best custom home builder Houston heights offers. The Program allows us to track all of the documentation and photos. These can be uploaded into the program where the owners and the team at the builders’ office have access to various files and drawings. This is a key component to bicycle bungalows is the best custom home builder Houston heights has. There is a messaging function that will track all of the communication between the builder and the owners and use keywords to search for any discussion that there is a question about. These emails will go to the owners in the builders’ regular email accounts and not require us to log into the program to respond to a message.

It is very helpful whereas in the past we have problems finding the threat of a discussion between written notes, Text messages or various emails from multiple accounts. We would waste a lot of time looking for information that should be in one place. We don’t care about using taxed if it is for information that is not important such as setting up a quick meeting for replying to an answer that does not matter and the overall project. Another feature within the program that makes Bicycle Bungalows is the best custom home builder Houston Heights is correspondence with the trading partners. We can send out a request for proposal to one or multiple vendors or partners for a given task and give them a deadline to respond. If they participate with the program they can have access to the documentation online and once Space they are successful they will have access to the project calendar and schedule functions and will be able to check and see when they will be needed on site. Another messaging function that we sometimes use his a comment function. Comments can be added to anything such as selections tasks change orders which we have not discussedyet.The program allows us to monitor all of the accounting or a project which makes us the best custom home builder Houston heights provides.

We can’t issue change orders purchase orders bills. We can’t enter payments under each change order as they are being paid off. These will link to Quick Books and update the data for accounting We use the budget feature against the purchase orders to compare and see where we are relative to budget versus spending. This is all very beneficial and that we can see where we stand financially at any time for any project. There is an owner’s payment feature where The drawl request our reside and we can see how much has been paid and how much has been building. This links with QuickBooks as well. Change orders are for any work that is outside of the original job scope. The program will send out a change order request once it is written up by the builder. There is a feature on the change orders to list each component that makes up the change order total.

This shows how the total change order cost just arrived, for example, a new cabinet may require trim materials, trim labor, hardware, painting, framing. The owners have the opportunity to comment on the change order if they have any questions about it or they can decline it or approve it. Once it is approved the payment will be due before the work commences. Comments are required the comments can’t be answered to the satisfaction of the owner. Once The change order is approved the dollar amount will show up under owner payments and it will show when payment has been received and what is outstanding. Another financial feature tracks bids from the vendors and the contractor partners. After a request for proposal has been sent, the contractors will reply via bid and we can track them and turn those into purchase orders. We can also track the estimates and see what the variance is between or estimate and the actual spend for a purchase order. One function in Builder Trend that is difficult to monitor with QuickBooks is when there is a return item. An example is we return something to Home Depot and we need to show the credit in Builder trend. Unfortunately, that credit does not transfer directly to Quick Books.

This credit has to be manually taken care of within Quick Books. We are not utilizing the purchase orders completely the way they should be. We will set a budget for a purchase order amount. For example Home Depot tile rough-in materials: we do not actually issue a purchase order to Home Depot for tile materials, we estimate the amount that we will be spending for this category at Home Depot and use that amount for our purchase order for that category at that vendor. As long as we don’t release the purchase order we can keep changing the total amount of the purchase order to meet what we’re actually spending. When we are issuing a purchase order for a bid price such as trim carpentry and release that, once we spend the amount that was paid, we can’t use that purchase order any more for any extra work that was done by that contractor. We would have to issue a variance purchase order and give a reason for spending more money outside of the budget. This helps us stay on track a little better