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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

There’s only one construction company goes above and beyond for your home remodeling Houston Heights desires and that company is bicycle bungalows. Bill Riley and his son Jacob are wonderful to work with, extremely passionate and dedicated to the craft. They bring much comfort to the stress of construction, and homeowners are reassured that they are the best hands possible bicycle bungalows. They offer three different services to their customers, including, new homebuilding, home remodeling and construction. So whatever your home renovation needs may look like bicycle bunglers has the knowledge and the know-how to get your job done on time and on budget.

It’s hard to trust a contractor If you have not had any prior experience in dealing with them before. We’ve all had nightmare experiences are heard of him, experiences from friends and family, but I want to let you know the best home remodeling Houston Heights is done by bicycle bungalows. In doing a wonderful job in tearing the house down to the studs. He wants to make sure you properly exposes every joist to make sure no pre-existing damage exists before construction begins. He has many years of experience remodeling older 1900 bungalow style homes and understands that you find many more problems hidden once you begin renovating. He brings up everything to the customer. No matter what. Many other construction companies may turn a blind eye to a problems they see when renovation begins, and thus are not built on solid foundations.

Bicycle bungalows with to assure that you’ll be treated exactly how you deserve to be treated and Bill understands that you are entrusting him with a significant amount of money. He is considered the best home remodeling Houston Heights has had for several years and started out by renovating his own home, and people would stop him and ask if he would mind taking a look at their homes too. And the bicycle bungalows got its takeoff, his product speaks for itself as people can clearly point out bicycle bungalow homes just by their well put together construction.

They bring a ton of pride and 60 know the neighborhood in his community. One house at a time. They’ve won the Houston Heights Association community improvement award for home remodels for two of the last three years, and four years before that they had a house that was in the finals. He is very dedicated to keeping all his customers expectations and manages their expectations, according.

You can trust when your home is being built by bicycle bungalows, they have an extremely professional and experienced crew and led by Bill Riley. They have the power to change an old dilapidated house in restoring into its former glory. You’ll be extremely impressed and you and working bicycle bungalows is a gadget to the whole construction process and will never leave you hanging, as they have excellent communication with their clients. To get started for your free home appraisal. Please give bicycle bungalows a call 832-786-1609 or visit their website www.bicyclebungalows.com.

Home Remodeling Houston Heights | Wonderful Home remodels
This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Looking for home remodeling Houston Heights area, look no further than bicycle bungalows as they are very first and have remodeled hundreds of different bungalow style homes and will take great care of you and your home and treated with the utmost care, as if it was their very own home. Bill Riley and his son Jacob Riley are extremely hands-on and very knowledgeable on the construction process. You’ll be extremely impressed when you start your construction with bicycle bungalows, this I guarantee you.

Bicycle bungalows offers three services to their clients, including new home construction, remodel and construction consulting. Bicycle bungalows is a part of greater, Houzz, national Association and an A+ accredited business with the BBB. He’s built a impeccable rectification reputation throughout the years of delivering the highest quality remodels and he’s Heights area, and he is your best bet at home remodeling Houston Heights community. You’ll find the one that goes without you guys insist on a regular basis and they treat their customers exactly how they deserve to be treated, fairly, honestly and transparently. He promises never cut any corners or use any lesser material in order to save about 51st company, as he builds his homes to stand the test of time and they will be standing strong for many generations to come.

Bicycle bungalows works quite differently than all your other home remodeling Houston high companies and they are never scared to take on a challenge or remodel these older homes in the Houston Heights community and he has the ability and experience to make well educated decisions and is able to come up with solutions to whatever may present themselves during the renovation phase. He is extremely knowledgeable and understanding that when remodeling old homes. You should expect to find many more issues. Once you peel back some of the layers. His master had estimated intakes these older homes into effect, he had around a 2% change order different from has been, which is quite unbelievable in the home construction industry. Change orders occur when a change is made during the construction. The in the contract must be signed by both the builder and homeowner, majority of the time his change orders are initiated by the homeowners. Which is not a problem because he can adapt and change and get the customer exactly what they desire.

Bill Riley has a property in the Houston Heights area for well over 33 years and he has seen and understand the culture he got his first and apartment, garage in 1984 as a project and then he’s been building and remodeling wonderful homes and he’s a nice area. He is a well-known staple in the Houston Heights builder community and everyone enjoys working with bicycle bungalows as they are easy to work with and communicate effectively with their clients and subcontractors alike. It took many years to build up his subcontractor base and has the ability to take on many different types of jobs, no matter the scope is never too big or too small.

I promise you will not find another home remodeling construction that truly cares about their customers quite like bicycle bungalows, said and you will be blessed to be working with one of the best homebuilder in the community today. Act now for your free home consultation by visiting www.bicyclebungalows.com or feel free to give them a call at 832-786-1609.