Kitchens and Baths are Opportunities to Shine by Bicycle Bungalows Custom Homebuilder Houston Heights

Written for Bicycle Bungalows

Kitchens and baths are opportunities for custom homebuilder Houston Heights to really shine. The client spring photos of European cabinets, pro style gas ranges, steam showers, and other sexy features to a meeting, builders are inclined to go all out in order to please them.
But because some of the costliest line items in a custom project, particularly cabinet, are allocated to the kitchen and bath, budgets can quickly spin out of control. A critical part of the builders job is to educate clients, and a conversation about options, pricing, Budget, and allowances has to happen early on. High end cabinets white Pogen Pohl or Somatic are budget busters. We tell clients set of cabinets are going to cost you $100,000 plus. We offer a healthy allowance for kitchen cabinets. If you want to exceed that, great, but we try to design for that number.
We typically use a custom cabinet maker the cabinetry cost on our projects run the range from high-end low-end such as IKEA. Before project goes out to bid, we can get an idea of what the cabinet cost based on similar size kitchen sweep done.
We had used custom cabinet fabricators such as Kemt Moore cabinets but mostly will utilize our trim carpenter to build the cabinets for each specific house. When a client feed the price of shop built custom cabinets, they generally tend to go with our carpenter build cabinets as a custom homebuilder Houston Heights. We can do pretty much anything whether it’s stainless steel, wood, stain grade, or pay grade. It generally takes about 8 to 12 weeks for a shop to turn around cabinets. The quality is consistently high and the finish from shop built cabinets is generally much better than what can be applied on site in the kitchen of the house we are working on just due to environmental controls.
One reason we prefer using custom cabinet makers is it results in a more aesthetically pleasing result with less I’m slightly spacing between doors and minimal alert usage. A custom cabinet shop can usually make better use of provided space. Well cabinet manufacturers may have the advantage when certain finishes her desired, we prefer the flexibility of the custom approach.
Typically, the process involves multiple meetings between the client, the cabinet maker, and the custom homebuilder Houston Heights. Many times, the architect and interior designer also present. It can’t be better to have more minds get together as long as egos don’t get in the way.
One reason cabinetry is such a big ticket item is that it’s a large component of a custom home and an extension of the interior architecture. Depending on the clients desire, many of the classic cabinets you see in photos or costlier to install and build. Custom colors that are trending now can also add to the expense, since the cabinet shop must purchase a large amount of paint instead of using a stock color.
Upper in the cabinets are generally made with good, stable hardwoods, which are expensive materials. Also, clients take it for granted that costly features such as self closing drawer and door hardware and roll out shelving will be included. To avoid Breaking the bank on a custom kitchen or bath, we determine what the cabinet budget should be and then work at different construction levels to achieve it. And secondary areas of the home, such as laundry rooms or mud rooms, cabinets are often selected from semi custom blinds. This makes it easier to keep cost down since the cabinets are specifically built for one project or home.
Value engineering is also a big help. We find areas that are redundant or unnecessary to the overall design and scale back in those areas. It’s a public space like a kitchen has plenty of special details, we can still capture the main design aesthetic of a home as a custom homebuilder Houston Heights.
To achieve accurate bottom line cost results in a custom kitchen or bathroom, builders must first have a thorough understanding of the customers vision. Return that vision into a design space they must understand the characteristics of the space by producing accurate floorplans and wall elevations depicting finish for thicknesses, wall dimensions, while opening locations and dimensions, and interior trim dimensions and characteristics. You must select appliances, plumbing fixtures, and specialty items before construction begins. You must produce plans and elevation drawings to pick the exact cabinet or vanity layout/location from an understanding of the desired function, comfort of use, appliance location, and storage requirements. Countertop material selection and design an edge detailing decisions go hand-in-hand with cabinet and vanity play out. You must finalize specifications for tile, shower enclosures, or finishes, cabinet hardware, and bathroom accessories.
The bottom line is the builder must help the clients I get a 5 foot has the most value to them versus things that are of lesser importance and can be either eliminated we’re done more cost-effectively.
For master bath design, there are many cost variables that don’t have a hell a lot of physical feature difference but pricing can vary greatly. You can find a tub filler for $300 that looks almost the same as one that’s going to cost $2000. Countertop materials can I have a huge range of pricing In a similar manner. For spec houses, we will frequently go out and find slabs that are on sale that 90% of the population thinks looks beautiful. Paul is another area where pricing can vary significantly. You can spend $12-$15 a square foot on a marble mosaic floor tile or two dollars a foot for a ceramic tile that looks almost identical. It all depends on the budget for the clients of custom homebuilder Houston Heights.
Other reasonably low cost options that we have done includes having floating vanities where the cabinet sits above the floor by 10 to 12 inches and we will add LED tape light to the bottom for accent. In smaller showers we have frequently added floating shower benches that are wrapped in the countertop material. It makes the shower look larger and much cleaner. This is all in a day’s work for custom homebuilder Houston Heights