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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Bill Riley, owner and operator of Bicycle Bungalows understands you have many options to choose from when you’re looking for new home builder Houston Heights. There’s so many different options available that it can be extremely overwhelming to those who are not familiar to be construction industry. But I promise you bicycle bungalows is considered the best in the business and have been exceeding customer expectations for over 10+ years. So when you sign up with bicycle bungalows know that you are pairing up with the most hands-on and experience. Home builder in the Houston Heights area and you will absolutely be guided towards the beautiful home and not be left in the dark wondering what’s next, or if they are even going to show up this week. Bill Riley is a man of his word an extremely respected in the homebuilding construction market.

He has built a solid reputation since 2000 anus delivering the highest quality homes and being the best new home builder Houston Heights has. He is ever grateful for this wonderful community that is given him this opportunity to build and remodel beautiful homes in the area and he cannot thank you enough for trusting him to deliver a wonderful and well builds home. Now his son Jacob has joined the force of a are now looking to rule the new home builder Houston Heights market for many decades to come. And he knows when Jacob has a child. Maybe he will take over the family business. Bicycle bungalows offers a few different services to the client and even consulting on other construction projects.

When you begin remodeling your home bicycle bungalows, but prefers to be able to remove every thing from the home and get it down to its bare bones. They do this for a couple reasons. Number one, it lets them see exactly what they’re working with, and they know they need to replace any rotting wood or missing floors into it lets him guarantee that this home will make it for many many decades to come, because he is replacing the wiring, plumbing, HVAC, tiles and more. But he works directly with the customer and if you have a home that was recently remodeled they can work around these areas in order to save you costs, just another reason why bicycle bungalows is considered the best new home builder Houston Heights has available.

When they begin the remodel process. They will level the existing structure make sure to replace all damaged beans on the floor. This is extremely crucial step as your house is built on top of this floor joists. He wants to make sure you have solid foundation for your home. Before commencing on the rest of the home remodel process. He also prefers to remove all asbestos tiles as they are extremely dangerous for the people living there and he takes the most precaution and safety is key in his line of work.

Right now you can give them a call and schedule a free one-on-one consultation and they will be able to discuss with you your past and options for either new construction or remodel. Visit their website to contact them today. or give them a call 832-786-1609.

New Home Builder Houston Heights | Top notch construction
This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

So someone told me you’re looking for a new home builder Houston Heights area, someone that I highly recommend you reaching out to bicycle bungalows. They are extremely professional and committed to their customers and will treat you exactly how you deserve. You’ll never imagine working with another construction contractor after you build a relationship with Bill Riley, his son Jacob and the experienced crew at bicycle bungalows. They take care of you every step of the way and you know exactly what is coming next in the construction process as he has clearly defined what to expect and manages expectations quite effectively. He has multiple decades of construction experience and has the subcontractor network that will effectively let him take on any job at any budget.

Bill Riley prides himself on his estimating skills and will be able to provide an extremely accurate budget for your home remodeling or construction needs. You will not find another new home builder Houston Heights that has a 2% overage on his change orders on top of the bid. So what this means, in the construction industry a change order is when something within the scope needs to be changed, usually during construction and by the homeowners incentive and thus build to the homeowner. The construction company to commence with their demo or construction. So 2% in the egg scope of all the projects he’s completed is unbelievable and extremely and I mean extremely rare in the construction industry. The majority of all the change orders will come from the homeowner as Bill Riley prides himself on accurately, providing bids for jobs.

So stop looking online for a new home builder Houston Heights area and reach out to bicycle bungalows today. You may their visit their website and check out their amazing portfolio were reading some testimonials left by previously satisfied clients who highly recommend Bill and his staff and you may also click the contact now button and submit your name, number and email in their friendly office staff will give you a call to schedule your free home consultation at your earliest convenience. You may also give them a call at 832-786-1609 and they’ll be more than happy to help you in whatever you may desire in the construction industry, the matter what you’re looking for, remodel, new construction or construction consultation bicycle bungalows is your go to construction company in Houston Heights.

When remodeling the home and all of the original house is leveled out and perfect. They then begin loading the new foundation for your addition and will be able to match perfectly with the existing home. Many people can’t even tell the difference. Once all said and done what is the add-on and what was original 1900s bungalow. Many homes you can drive by and realize that they are a renovation but not bicycle bungalows homes as a are so perfectly done and cohesive.

So please reach out today to the best in the business at bicycle bungalows visit their website or give them a call 832-786-1609 you will not regret your decision to begin construction on your new home with the best in the business at bicycle bungalows.