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With our beautiful homes here provided by Bicycle Bungalows, you will find that New home builder Houston Heights is the perfect company to handle any of your home construction, or remodeling projects. That is because, we had been mentioned on house, the greater Houston builders Association, and having given and A+ rating through a credited business bureau. Not only have we been given some of the highest recommendations and all of Houston Texas, but we also offer all of our clients, and future clients amazing deals. For instance, we are ready to provide you with a free consultation, so that we can sit down with you and discuss what it is exactly you are looking for.

And that this free consultation, we are going to help you understand whether a remodeling project, or new construction would be best for you. If you plan on living in your home for longer than 10 years, we believe that that having a remodeling project then, can add extreme value and integrity to your home. However, if you are looking to quickly move out of your current home, and into something more spacious, then we recommend new construction, or finding a move-in ready home. We are gonna discuss these things with you, so that you understand what option would be perfect for you, and for your family.

With New home builder Houston Heights, we are going to help walk you through step-by-step through the new construction process. That is because, we believe in being transparent, and we want to make sure, that all of your questions are answered. And because this is a high recommendation not only from the community, but from previous client, you can fill confident in knowing our services will add value to your home. We are not intimidated by whatever problem is there not us when renovating old homes. Because an older homes, we often find mold, mildew, or complete disintegration of walls and floor boards. We are not intimidated by any that, because we know about our scope that, in our team are going to be the best deal possible.

Now if you’d like to read some those reviews, and recommendations from other clients, or from the community, visit our website today. These personal testimonials, and reviews can help you understand what it’s gonna be like to be a claim here at Bicycle Bungalows. They can be the difference between you feeling uncomfortable and nervous about working with the new company to feeling confident in knowing that they are going to overdeliver on your expectations.

If you’d like to schedule that free consultation with New home builder Houston Heights, please dial 832-786-1609 today. Then we can set up a free consultation for you that works perfectly with your schedule. You can go online to, you will also find those reviews and a photo gallery of completed projects.

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At Bicycle Bungalows, we are one of the most highly reviewed, and highest rated companies you can work with and they Houston Texas area. That is because a with New home builder Houston Heights services, we been able to overdeliver on all of our clients expectations. We set this process off by offering a completely free consultation. If that’s right, you will not have to pay a single penny towards this consultation. That is because, we believe that we first informing you and providing you with information. If not completely provided you a service yet, so we believe it is unnecessary for us to charge you. It also like to extend an offer to you and up to $10,000 in free upgrades.

Now these upgrades can be used in the home remodeling project, or a new construction. And that is what brings us to our next step. We offer many services here at Bicycle Bungalows, however one of the most desired services at Bicycle Bungalows to our New home builder Houston Heights services, is home remodeling projects. Whether you are wanting to completely transform for historical property and restore its beauty, or you want to get rid of outdated kitchen, and replace it with a new, beautiful and modern kitchen we are the perfect team to help you.

Because not only do we handle difficult remodeling project, but we are not intimidated by any of problems that are in our way. That means, if we run into mildew, mold, or disintegrative floorboards we know exactly how to deal with them. We also provide a new construction services, and are able to walk you through step-by-step of this entire process. From the very beginning when we purchased and you want to build on, to the finalize details and designs of your home, will have peace of mind in knowing we are company can also we talk about.

Now we would love for you to read some of our reviews regarding New home builder Houston Heights services. When you read for use, and watch video testimonials, you will feel confident in knowing we are the team for you to work with. Because after hearing so many people rave about how easy you are to work with, how diligently are and how we are able to help save the money, you will want to work with us to. You can find the video testimonials, and reviews on our website.

Bicycle Bungalows is so excited to work with you. Because with New home builder Houston Heights, we been able to gather and create a team of hard-working individuals to have a wide variety of skills. This is how we are able to overdeliver on every single project. So if you’d like to set up that free a consultation I discussed, please dial 832-786-1609. Or you may go online to our website, and fill out our free consultation form. Then a member from our team will be in touch with you, and will schedule a time that works with your busy schedule.