New Home Construction Houston Heights | How do I get someone to build me a house?

All in all how you get someone to build you a new home construction Houston Heights is you get bicycle bungalows a call so that we can give you a free consultation about everything that you want. We can draw out your plan and your payment so that you know how much he’ll be before you even spend a dime. As well as what it will look like, because every good builder or contracting company draws out the plan before they build it so then you can better assess if you want something changed or not. If a company doesn’t draw it out than they are just in it to make a quick buck and then not really in it to help you.

Here at bicycle bungalow your new home construction Houston Heights, one of the most amazing things about a company as we let the owners hold 10% of the contract amount until substantial completion of the project so that if your project does not get done then we don’t take all of your money. Which we would normally give it back. Unless there is other situations that we are dealing with legally. As well as we use our own money to keep the projects running so that no one runs out of money in this process. And you pass at the end of it

We’ll just build two houses that we think are awesome we build you houses that we think you’re amazing new home construction Houston Heights builds you houses that you would want to live in week 10+ years and we have warrantees that last up to 10 years for your project. Bill one of our contractor is a Marine engineer degree from a federal Academy and chief engineer license issued by the US Coast Guard but wanted to learn as much as possible about home construction after he left the guard so we got his masters graduate builder and design degree so that he can be better apt to creating new homes in understanding the science behind everything.

So we have multiple contractors employees and multiple degrees and everything so that we can better apt to all of the changes in the home building industry and the science behind everything we have learned over the years. There is no job too big and a job too small that we cannot handle that we will put all of our mind to everything so that we can get the job done right the first time. Because no matter what we will make your home feel amazing just like it was. We want you to want to live in it for years or sell it to somebody that would love to live in it for years and years.

So if you have any questions for our master scientist will engineer Bill on anything that you have on your design or anything in general and give us a call at 832-786-1609 and we will assist you with everything that you have. As well as you can take a look at our website and schedule your free consultation today so we can take a look at everything that you want and printed up for you as well as draw out the numbers and see how much you will be paying.

New Home Construction Houston Heights | Best builder in the Houston area?

The best builder in the Houston area is most definitely bicycle bungalows is actually the new home construction Houston Heights top rated builder in the area. As we actually sit down and move forth with the clients needs. I don’t just sit here and complain and worry about our needs we hear them out adapt with the changes that they want and make sure that we implicate those needs to make sure that the client is happy with everything that we have done for them. Because of the client is happy we are happy and that makes our bosses happy.

With our clients happy that would make us look like not a very prestigious company which we are actually one of the highest recommended companies for new home construction Houston Heights, so we put all of our effort into making sure that everybody is happy on both sides so that the job gets done and done right and we do it as quickly as diligently as we can because we want to ensure that that client is back into their house or into their new home with every employment Haitian possible and we help the customer so they don’t declare bankruptcy because they just paid for the new house and we didn’t help amount of the payment plan so we help them out in every way possible.

Without our clients we wouldn’t be the most amazing new home construction Houston Heights company that we are. It would be a company that just declaring bankruptcy and taking people’s money all the time but we are glad we are not that company because we strive to make 100% integrity for each and every person said that when we build they have full trust that we are a legitimate company and that they can trust us with any build that they throw at us that’s why we have so many repeating customers and why they feel so confident coming back to us.

In a matter what you have us build or remodel we will take that into consideration write it down and create a budget for you and let let’s you don’t have a budget if you don’t have a budget and you just a multimillionaire then we’ll let you can choose whatever you want but if you know that multimillionaire we want to help you save money so we will be there for you and every single way holding your hand a step at a time we will babysit you before union to the budget area because we want to make sure that no one goes broke on the situation is if you go broke then we didn’t do our job right.

If you’ve any questions about your remodeling process or new home construction to give us a call at 832-786-1609 or you can take a look at your website and if we don’t have a particularly out there you still give us call the and make sure that you schedule your free consultation today so we can make sure that everything is perfectly taken care of.