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The best new home construction Houston Heights has is found here at bicycle bungalows. For over 33 Bill Riley has owned and manage property and understand the culture and people here in the community and is better to build to match the existing community because he is a member here and has exactly what works in the area. Bicycle bungalows offers three different services to their clients, including new home builds, remodels and construction consultation services. He is a all in one construction company and is better able to manage the projects when he is in control of the whole process. He has many different subcontractors that he is builds quality relationships in the past 33 years and can get the job done no matter how big or how small it is. Trust you are the best hands possible when building at bicycle bungalows and they will absolutely take care of you and your family.

Bicycle bungalows loves new home construction builds as it is much more easy to build from the foundation up with new doors and windows that are straight and easily sales compared to the older, remodels, which are all custom-made windows and doors. He has no problem doing remodels as well because he is very experience in transforming the neighbor in Houston Heights, but he is the best new home construction Houston Heights builder. Do not be afraid to approach Bill and his son check out with your wildest construction dreams and they will be able to concoct a plan and deliver quite efficiently and effectively. They have builds one home with over 4000 ft.² and then another small garage apartment at 360 ft.². And if you’re looking to add a second story to your current home. They can absolutely take care of you and that facet as well.

Bicycle bungalows extremely professional and easy to deal with, very easily approachable and you can communicate effectively with the crew to make sure that your new home construction is going exactly how you envision. You are the boss and they know that they must keep you happy in order to have a wonderful experience with the whole new home construction Houston Heights process. When beginning a new construction. He takes two beds into account and that is the lot in which you will be building and then the plans on the construction.

Bicycle bungalows is constantly keep an eye out for new lots popping up on the market or older homes that need to be demolished. They absolutely values the old-time feel in the Houston Heights area and greatly appreciate its when they are able to remodel these wonderful homes, but unfortunately some homes are too far gone and past repair and thus not cost effective. So the only other option is to demolish the existing home and builds the foundation out on top of that.

He has many different relationships with designers and architects that work in Houston Heights community and he can properly guide you to the appropriate designer or architect to fulfill your construction desire. Right now they’re offering free $10,000 in home upgrades and free home construction consultation. You won’t want to miss this and I highly recommend reach out to bicycle bungalows today. Visit their website or give them a call at 832-786-1609.

New Home Construction Houston Heights | Built with care
This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Bicycle bungalows know you have many different company options for new home construction Houston Heights and they want to assure you that when you sign up with bicycle bungalows that your home be in the best care possible and they will do everything according to you, the homeowner and build a wonderful dream home that you and your family can inhabit for many many years to come. He builds all is homes, the best quality material and assures you that these are built to last. He is convalescing up-to-date and educated on the latest new home construction techniques and is able to bring these new technologies to the homeowner and save on costs.

If you live in which your home is located in the historic districts of Houston Heights, bicycle bungalows has the experience and knowledge to be able to work with the historic staff in the area and plan accordingly to their strict standards and regulations. Bill was a representative on the visor committee for the proposed historic design guidelines and understands quite well what needs to be done in order to properly renovate during new home construction Houston Heights. So great. You found a lot and now you’re ready to get started on your construction process. The very first step is getting a good set of plans and then they will begin the bid in order to tailor to your budget.

When bills finalize the plans you send the two scale drawings to his subcontractors and they will estimate the cost and do their takeoffs on their own. It can take a few weeks to get the prices altogether them back to their owners. But I tell you be patient and trust the process. It is well worth it. Once all said and done. You’ll be absolutely blown away by how beautiful your new home construction Houston Heights. They provide extremely accurate and professional estimates showing every single line item that goes into the construction process. This would give the customer a better idea on where their money is going. He never hides or purposely distracts the customer on the bid and everything is extremely transparent with the clients.

Once you sign your bid. The budget is locked in and they are ready to get started on your new home construction builds. They use the Texas Association of builders, fixed price owner property new construction contracts. This contract is frequently updated to reflect the current Texas laws. Any changes that come after the budget is locked in will be done with change orders. Many change orders are initiated by the homeowners themselves and bicycle bungalows avoids changeovers at all costs, unless of course the homeowner initiates it. No matter what your scope of work is that will be able to accomplish your wildest dreams as they have built homes in excess of 4000 ft.² to a garage apartment at 360 ft.².

Bicycle bungalows has wonderful relationships with banks in the area and can even help you finance your home if need be. He has worked with many different lenders and can refer you to some of the best in Houston Heights area. He truly takes care few throughout the whole process and does not want you to feel uncomfortable sign up bicycle bungalows as you are in great hands throughout the construction build. Right now ticketing of the free $10,000 in upgrades as well as a free consultation. Please reach out to them at 832-786-1609 or visit their website