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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

If you’re looking for new home construction Houston Heights company. It can be extremely frustrating going through and interviewing multiple construction companies in Houston area. You really don’t know who you are working with. So you begin working with someone.
Many different construction contractors are not known to be remarkably honest or transparent with their customers and will often sell their customers on false promises or false pretenses in order to get the job contract signed. Then they turn around and use change orders throughout the whole construction in order to recoup some of the money they lost on the initial bad bid. Bicycle bungalows strides to always avoid change orders as he makes the most accurate and precise estimates of any home builder in the Houston Heights area. You can absolutely trust Bill Riley and his son Jacob with your home renovation or new construction project.

Bicycle bungalow is quite different from all the other new home construction Houston Heights builders in the area. He takes time to talk with each and every client before they begin even discussing plans. This helps in better understand exactly what they’re looking for in a new home or remodel and will be able to tailor the plans and budget to the likings of the client. He will never cut any corners or use lesser material and building your home. He treats all the customers exactly how they deserve to be treated in your guarded as family when you begin working with the best in the business, bicycle bungalows.

Bill Riley has earned a wonderful reputation within the new home construction Houston Heights community and he has owned property in the area for over 30 years and is personally seen the transformation throughout the city and better understands the people who live in Houston Heights. This is one reason why he is the best at what he does and he is a staple in the community. You will find another builder who truly cares about his clients and wants to build lifelong relationships with every customer who signs up to work with bicycle bungalows. You are in the best hands possible When you begin your construction process. You will soon realize this immediately after discussing ideas and plans with Bill and his son.

I promise you’ll enjoy working with bicycle bungalows as they are extremely well respected the community and he will strive to complete your job on time and on budget, and this he promises you. You’ll never make excuses or reasons why he came up short for failed to meet a deadline. He will simply work harder in overtime in order to get the job done and keep the process moving. Throughout the years he has had extensive experience tearing apart older homes in the Houston Heights area and generally knows what to expect when you start demoing the insides of older bungalow homes. He just properly for this and is bidding and offers an extremely competitive and fair rate to all of his clients. He will never gouge the homeowners or the subcontractors that work for him and thus makes a competitive and fair price for his clients. It’s all about relationships and bicycle bungalows does everything to foster healthy relationships between the construction company, the bank, subcontractors and of course you the customer.

So stop doing right now and visit their website give them a call 832-786-1609 and get started building your dream home today.

New Home Construction Houston Heights | Dependable and reliable
This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

You have many different options when looking for new home construction Hughson Heights area, and if you are new to the area or new to the construction around. This can be very daunting or confusing as you know who to trust or who to sign up with with such a extreme investment. Look no further than bicycle bungalows, owner and operator Bill Riley has been owning property in the Houston Heights area for over 30 years and knows the people in the community quite well and is best suited to deliver exactly what you are looking for in a new home or remodel.

He does everything in his power to give you the most accurate and precise bid. He prides himself on avoiding change orders. If you’re not familiar with what change orders are, basically they are a document signed between the homeowner in the construction company that is changing the scope of the work after the papers have been signed or once construction has begun. Bicycle bungalows, the best new home construction Houston Heights has has a 2% overage on change orders. He accomplishes such a low rate. By accurately bidding all of his remodels and new construction builds accordingly. He’s seen many old homes and realizes once you start ripping out the walls and the floor and you’ll probably come across more problems than accounted for. This is where is expertise comes in to play and he knows how to structure a bid to incorporate these surprises found in the construction process.

You’ll treat you with the highest respect and integrity. And you almost forget you’re dealing with construction company. Bill understands that many new home construction site. Companies are not known for their high integrity and that is exactly why he is here to try to change your preconceived notion on what it means to be construction contractor in the Houston Heights area. He is extremely transparent with everything he does and will never, skip any corners in order to put an extra dollar in his pocket. There constantly staying up-to-date on the latest building techniques and latest technology in order to provide his clients with the most up-to-date building processes in thus saving his clients money and time.

Bicycle bungalows values your time and usually can get larger. Home projects done in 8 to 10 months. Please be patient throughout this process is you must understand quality builds take time and they must be done right and logistically in order. Bill Riley has great relationships with the subcontractors that he deals with, and is able to properly manage construction accurately and effectively, and guiding all parts of the pieces to put together the puzzle that is your house.

You’ll not find another home builder that build this high of a quality of homes and is always going out of his way to ensure his clients are extremely satisfied with the overall process and is extreme a dedicated to exceeding all the clients desires and expectations. Just know I tell you, you found the best new home and remodel construction company in Houston Heights with bicycle bungalows. Do not hesitate to visit their website. or give them a call 832-786-1609 to get started on your construction journey today.