New Home Construction Houston Heights | Do you need some home reconstruction?

So be looking for new home construction Houston Heights then bicycle bungalows is where you want to go because we had everything you need to do the new construction that you need and it is a way easier to do new construction because you don’t have to worry about fixing all the cracks in damages of a remodel because that is just an intense project that is just can overwhelm you when you can create a new construction you created from the floor up so it is 10 times easier.

We don’t just start with new construction Houston tights with no lot we always got a find a lot to put a new construction on so we keep our ears out for new construction and buildings that are being demolished so we can take over that land that is used already so we don’t have to buy new land because of be pointless to spend all that money on new land when working to spend all the money to build the new construction on the old land so we just make sure that we find a stable and suitable land to make the new construction on that is gonna be beneficial.

New construction Houston Heights is not always easy but one of the easiest things to do is build one story houses from the ground up we story houses, but it is way more beneficial in way easier to do one story. Because we can get those done quicker than usual and make numerous of those. Compared to doing two-story additions that are more challenging and standalone. But it is more beneficial when we get done with a story structure. It just makes all of our architects and builders very happy.

So we set up an allowance for the home owners so they can select plumbing fixtures electrical fixtures and appliances so that they can better choose what they want inside the house and less the homeowner just has a buchu amount of money can get whatever they want with urban allowance to the homeowner doesn’t go broke so that we can better apt to getting everything that they want. Because we don’t want a home owner to go rogue on just paying us for building their house or new construction. Want to make sure that everybody is well suited and calculated how much they can actually spend on the items.

So if you’re looking for amazing new construction and a one-of-a-kind company this can hire the top-of-the-line people to build your house then give a bicycle bungalows a call at 832-786-1609 or you can take a look at our award-winning website that it just has everything laid out and perfectly therefore you see can check out some stuff that we’ve done in the past or just look and see what our company is about because we want the opportunity to wow you and show you everything about our company and show you just how amazing we are at new construction and remodels to take a look at our website at to see everything we have done and schedule your free consultation today.

New Home Construction Houston Heights | How do I create my new bungalow today?

First off what you need to do is to create your new home construction Houston Heights is go to bicycle bungalows website so you can take a look at everything that they have done also get 10,000 in free upgrades yes I said it $10,000 and free upgrades. We want to make sure everybody is well taken care of so we just want to know what your house looks like and see if we can remodel it make it look 10 times better because we want you your friends and your family to enjoy everything about your new house.

There is no house to bigger and a house too small that we can’t remodel so we want to make sure that you are well taken care of so we put everything to the test so that no matter what you want done to your new home construction Houston Heights if it’s of widening it remodeling or adding new bedrooms we can totally do it we haven’t ran into any problems because we only have the top-of-the-line builders and architects to work on everything that you have for us to do. We just want to make the most exceptional remodeler new construction that you will ever have.

No matter if it’s a new home construction Houston Heights or remodel we want to put our hundred percent ability into everything that we do so we want to get together and give you a free consultation so we can make sure that everything together perfectly that you want and will do the best quality that we can possible and only hire the best of the best architects and construction workers so that they can get it done quickly as possible so there is no hesitation. Which one make sure that no matter what you do or have us do that is done to the top quality.

So if you are just looking for a transformation on a historical space and leave the outside looking as historic as it was with the inside a beautiful elegant new updated and moderate location you can let us know and get a remodel done with bicycle bungalows we will actually cater in a chef for you in 10 of your friends so that you can show off your house to all of your friends so they can be jealous on how the transformation looks and just wait until their eyes get so wide because it looks perfectly the same on the outside but the inside is just a beautiful upgrade.

So no matter who you go with or if you want us to cater in a chef so you can make all of your friends jealous about your amazing new construction give us a call at 832-786-1609 and we will schedule your free consultation today so then we can tell you how much it’s gonna be for everything on your remodel or how much you have the spend. As well as you can take a look at our website at and check out all of our testimonials and everything that we have the offer.