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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

Bicycle bungalows is regarded as the best new home construction Houston Heights has and they offer a wide array of services to their clients, including home remodeling, new home construction and construction consultation. So rest assured that no matter your needs in the home construction industry you will be well covered when working with bicycle bungalows as they are your go to construction partner in the industry. You’ll not find another builder quite like bicycle bungalows is a strive to leave their customers extremely satisfied throughout the whole construction process and of course with the final product.

Bill Riley, owner and operator of bicycle bungalows, has own property in Houston Heights for over 30 years and he truly understands the community and this culture of the people here, there’s no one better to take on your new home construction Houston Heights. Bicycle bungalows is a part of national Association of homebuilders, greater Houston builders Association, houzz and an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. He is extremely well respected in the Houston Heights community in many people highly recommend working with his amazing construction company, bicycle bungalows.

There are several things that bicycle bungalows is different than the other new home construction Houston Heights contractors in the area. They are always looking out for a challenge and want to test their construction skills, so don’t fret by taking your wildest construction dreams to bicycle bungalows as they are better suited than any other company to complete your dream home on time and on budget. They have built homes as large as 4000 ft.² down to homes the smallest 360 ft.² . So as I said they are extremely well-versed in different style homes and will be able to accomplish your dreams quickly and efficiently and you will be the center of the whole process and will never be left in the dark throughout any of the construction.

Many construction companies rely on change orders. Change orders is basically an agreement signed by both the homeowner in the construction company that gives a change to the home after construction has begun or after the bid contract has been signed. Bicycle bungalows themselves on having only a 2% overage on their bids with change orders. If you’re not familiar with the construction industry. This is absolutely insane and has to be leading the nation. Many other construction companies absolutely need to change orders or their bid to be obsolete and they would be out a great deal of money. Ever since Bill Riley, but his first house and garage apartment in 1984. He has fallen in love with his nights area and want to get back to the community because they have given him and his company so much.

Right now take advantage of the free $10,000 in home upgrades and free consultation by visiting their website or give them a call at 832-786-1609.

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This content was written for Bicycle Bungalows.

If you’re looking for new home construction Houston Heights area. I highly recommend going with the best in the business that bicycle bungalows. With over 33 years of experience in the community. Bill Riley and his son Jacob are extremely well-versed will bring you the highest quality built homes in the area. You can rest easy at night knowing that your home is in the best hands possible and they will absolutely take care of you throughout the whole construction. You’ll not find another construction company that truly cares about you like bicycle bungalows does. They treat everyone with the respect they deserve and view you as family in entering into a partnership creating a lifelong relationship with the client.

Without trust the whole relationship is severed and Bill Riley does everything in his power to remain honest and transparent with the clients. When he does a bid he line items everything so the customer knows exactly where their money is being allocated and he will never hide or try to cover up any of the charges. He also never upsell or deliver anything that you and your family do not want, like I said he builds as if you are part of family and he would never take advantage of anyone who signs up with his new home construction Houston Heights company. So have no fear. Signing up with bicycle bungalows as they will take excellent care of you and your home and he understands what a large investment you are vesting in his company, bicycle bungalows.

Bill Riley has had many years of experience caring a part older homes in renovating them back to their former glory. He knows what to expect when you begin removing floor and siding and bids accordingly. So the customers are never surprised when they find an issue because Bill has already foreseen possible issues in these older homes. He is also the best new home construction Houston Heights builder and can take execute construction on many different house styles. He has multiple relationships with designers and architects throughout the Houston Heights area and is better able to direct you in the path of choosing the right designer or architect for your home.

If you’re having problems in finance on your new home construction Houston Heights, bicycle bungalows has also built extensive relationships with different banks in the area that trust and know bicycle bungalows. He will be here from the beginning to the end throughout your whole construction process and you can guarantee he will probably receive the construction management and ensure the highest quality goes into every aspect of your construction. He’ll never lead you astray or keep in the dark as he is easily accessible and easily approachable.

Right now, bicycle bungalows is offering $10,000 and free home upgrades when you sign up with them. They are also offering free home consultations. To reach out to them whenever you’re ready to get started and they will come to your house or property and be able to give you a bid on your construction dream home in no time. You’ll be extremely grateful when you begin working with the wonderful bicycle bungalows and they’ll take care of you accordingly. Please visit their website or give them a call at 832-786-1609 to get started today.